Dedicated Analytical Solutions

Winners 2016

Professor Rasmus Bro

Professor Rasmus Bro is awarded the Nils Foss Excellence Prize

Professor Rasmus Bro’s work includes the introduction of new mathematical methods to help make better use of the vast amounts of valuable data generated by modern analytical instrument platforms in use in the medical, pharmaceutical and food & feed industries. He has also pioneered a new mathematical approach to chemical analysis to aid environmental monitoring and has developed a revolutionary concept, Biocontour, for predicting the risk of developing breast cancer based on a blood sample test.

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Dr Bekzod Khakimov

Dr Bekzod Khakimov is awarded the Nils Foss Talent Prize

31 year old Bekzod Khakimov has a PhD in metabolomics from 2013 and has continued as a post doc to build up his ‘Foodomics’ lab at Copenhagen University, a database of food compounds called the Copenhagen Open Metabolite DatabaSe (COMDAS) for facilitating easy assignments of food metabolites. Metabolomics is an exciting new area of food science with positive implications for future food production.

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Introducing the Nils Foss Prize

Interview with Per Falholt, Chairman for the Nils Foss Prize Committee about why FOSS is introducing the Nils Foss Prize.

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