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The works of internationally recognized Danish glass artist Torben Jørgensen can be found in galleries in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Japan and the United States. His hallmark is respect for the glass medium, enhancing its intrinsic beauty to create intriguing yet highly accessible works with a strong sense of joy.

The Annual Nils Foss Prizes

Throughout his career, Nils Foss has been an enthusiastic exponent of innovation and entrepreneurship within the field of analytical technology and its application to the enhancement of quality and productivity in food and agriculture.

To honour Nils Foss’ lifelong achievements, FOSS will award an Excellence Prize to recognize a globally-respected scientist for world-class innovative research. Additionally, a Talent Prize will be awarded to a young and promising scientist.

Through the Nils Foss Excellence Prizes, FOSS acknowledges the role of the food and agricultural community in the innovative application of technology towards improved value and sustainability in the food supply chain. With the Prizes, FOSS wants to further stimulate research in the agricultural and food sector.

The Nils Foss Excellence Prize

The prize winner is an active and internationally recognized scientist who has shown at least 10 years world class innovative research leading to remarkable improvements in sustainability, quality or safety in the food supply chain. The research areas are food and agricultural science, applied science and/or analytical technologies within this sector. It is seen as an advantage if the scientist has shown entrepreneurship in the application of the research. The prize is DKK 750.000 of which at least 75% must be used for further research. In addition, the winner will receive a work of art.

The prize winner is young, talented and promising scientist who has made significant contribution to the application of technology to improve the sustainable use of agricultural resources and/or ensuring food quality and safety. The scientist has shown an innovative approach and has the potential to make ground breaking research. The prize is DKK 100.000 and the use is without any limitations. In addition, the winner will receive a work of art.

The Prize Committee

The Prize Committee qualifies and nominates candidates for both prizes. The selection process lead to an unanimous decision which is confirmed by the Chairman and CEO of FOSS. Nomination to the Nils Foss Excellence Prizes is by invitation only.

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