Dedicated Analytical Solutions
CMT Conference 2013


Ketosis, fatty acid profiling and networking: video interviews from the FOSS central milk testing conference

Over 120 delegates from 32 countries were given an overview of key developments in analytical technology at the recent FOSS central milk testing conference at the new FOSS innovation centre in Hillerød Denmark on 28th – 29th May.Watch the interviews

See this video for interviews with speakers on the subjects of testing raw milk for an early warning of Ketosis in dairy herds, profiling saturated fat content and the advantages of controlling multiple instruments via a network.

Other topics covered included:

  • Cell differentiation in routine DHI systems for evaluating udder health
  • Mid-infrared as a phenotyping tool for milk technological traits
  • Applied chemometrics for ultimate FTIR performance
  • Global analytical equivalence through standardization
  • Herd navigator for on-farm milk testing

More details on presentations can be found here.

The two day event was well received by participants as a good opportunity to catch-up with latest advances in analytical technology and how it can improve the supply of quality raw milk. 

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