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Latest feed calibrations capture nutrient variability from around the world

As part of a continuous program to track the ever-changing nature of feed ingredients, FOSS announces new updated feed calibrations for the NIRS DS2500 and NIRS DA1650 instruments.

The calibrations and parameters are as follows:

  • Compound feed ground  (moisture, fat, protein, fiber, starch, ash)
  • Compound feed unground  (moisture, fat, protein, fiber, starch, ash)
  • Plantbased feed Ingredients (moisture, fat, protein, fiber, starch, ash)
  • Animal by-products (moisture, fat, protein, ash)
  • Fish meal (moisture, fat, protein, ash)
  • Dry Petfood (moisture, fat, protein, fiber, ash)

Coping with the variable nature of feed types and ingredients

Regular updates are made to the global ANN calibrations for NIRS DS2500 and NIRS DA1650 solutions to accommodate the high variability of feed types and ingredients used within the feed industry. The updated calibrations include the latest data from diverse ingredients and compound feed samples representing nutrient variability from different regions (SE Asia; India; China; Europe and America). The source data has been collected using the extensive FOSS data collection network which includes certified reference laboratories. 

Free trial options

Details about the different application models can be found in application notes available on request from local FOSS representatives. Free trial options are available such as a three month trial when purchasing a NIRS DA1650.

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