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Parameters:  Multi-parameter including protein, fat, moisture, fibre, starch, amino acids and more, depending on application.

For use by: Laboratories, food and feed producers  

Testing volume: Results within a minute, little or no sample preparation

Samples: Multiple applications - virtually any solids analysis from fine powders to coarse granular materials, pellets and flakes, as well as liquids and slurrys in transflectance mode using reflectors.

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FOSS service and support

More than just an instrument, FOSS solutions are supported by a global network of more than 250 highly trained service engineers.

FOSS Support

XDS™ Rapid Content Analyser

Advanced non-destructive chemical analysis using NIR analysis

The XDS™ Rapid Content Analyser provides rapid non-destructive analysis of virtually any solid, viscous and liquid samples making it ideal for research laboratories. Advanced NIR technology and a full spectrum, 400-2500 nm, research grade spectrometer gives you maximum performance and full flexibility in your choice of analytical parameters.

Smaller and smarter: The XDS has just been streamlined to take up less bench space in the laboratory

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NIR for the Next Generation of Biofuel Feedstock

FOSS devices are being used in a major biofuels research project involving Europe and Latin America. In Focus details the importance of NIR in the rapidly expanding second-generation biofuels sector.

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XDS Autosampler

High volume, hands free

The autosampler option for the XDS™ Rapid Content Analyser allows you to load multiple samples and walk away.

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Efficient nutrition

CasesEfficient nutrient management using NIR

NIR simplifies and speeds up the process of manure analysis and in doing so helps to develop effective nutrient management and reduce environmental impact.

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NIR technology

High performance NIR technology

XDS™ RCA uses the full-visible and near-infrared scanning range. Near Infrared analysis is a spectroscopic technique, which makes use of the naturally occurring electromagnetic spectrum. The NIR region is the area of the spectrum defined by wavelengths as between 700nm and 2500nm.

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Monitoring and support via the internet

The XDS™ and other NIR instruments are supported by the RINA software suite. This provides an internet-based network connecting individual instruments to a control centre. NIR experts at the centre perform monitoring and management tasks remotely, allowing the local user to get on with routine analysis operations without having to worry about instrument performance or reliability of results.

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Fast and versatile

Element analysis or material identification testing is performed either in the laboratory or at-line on samples contained in their original vials, bags or bottles or with a wide choice of sample presentation modules.

Full visible and NIR scanning range.

Significantly improved in the visible range, XDS™ can generate accurate and transferable calibrations in the visible range. Ideal for colour based measurements including chlorophyll, pigment and Whiteness in rice, Yellowness in durum and others.

Calibration transferability

XDS™ is factory standardised making it possible to generate calibrations that are transferable between instruments without adding product standardisation.

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