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MilkoScan™ Mars Milk Analyzer

The First MilkoScan for Everyone

MilkoScan Mars is a new milk analyzer that helps you to avoid slow and labor-intensive traditional testing methods and improves your ability to spot deliberate or accidental adulteration of the milk supply. It allows you to control and standardize milk or cream products for optimal use of raw material and consistent quality products.

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Book a visit to find out what MilkoScan Mars can do for you

Are you currently using wet chemistry, ultrasonic method, or a filter instrument? MilkoScan Mars uses FTIR technology - the gold standard for milk analysis. Book a visit from one of our local consultants to learn how MilkoScan Mars can help you to save time and money.


Milk, cream


Fat, Protein, Lactose, Total Solids, Solids non-fat, Freezing Point (milk only)
MilkoScan Mars for Milk Analysis

Affordable quality

MilkoScan Mars is highly cost effective, allowing you to measure up to six key parameters from a single milk sample. And you can test and test again as much as you like at no extra cost. The instrument will lead to an immediate and dramatic reduction in costs by replacing much of your traditional laboratory testing.

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MilkoScan Mars

New whey calibration for MilkoScan Mars to help make the most of cheese by products

A sample of whey can be tested for Fat, Protein, Lactose, Total Solids, Solids Non Fat all in one go in a single test taking less than a minute.

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Adulteration Screening

Adulteration screening

An optional quality assurance module allows you to check milk for abnormalities. This is done at the same time as other quality checks are performed. FTIR technology offers unique ability to screen milk for known and unknown adulterants, you can screen for added water and even start screening from day one with ready-to-use screening models.

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Milk analysis with MilkoScan Mars

Instant quality control - six parameters in one minute

Results for up to six parameters are delivered in one minute. This gives you the on-the-spot information you need to pay the right price for deliveries, control your production more accurately and check end product quality.

IDF Bulletin Report

Order a FREE copy of the IDF Bulletin: Integrated supply chain management

We would like to know more about what methods are being used in the dairy industry today. Please answer three questions about your business and order a free copy of the International Dairy Federation Bulletin about Integrated supply chain management.

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Easy to run and cost-effective

MilkoScan Mars is supplied pre-calibrated. Plug it in and you are ready to start testing immediately. It has a robust flow system for low maintenance while high performance and reliability of the ready-to-use calibrations ensures optimal use of raw material and consistent milk products.

Proven accuracy with FTIR technology

The Milkoscan Mars is based on the same technology employed in top of the range FOSS milk analysers used for official central milk testing around the world. Measurements are in compliance with IDF standards and are traceable with results automatically stored.

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