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Testing volume: Up to 600 samples per hour

Parameters: wide range of compositional parameters including fat, protein, lactose, solids, casein, free fatty acids, urea, freezing point depression and screening for abnormalities

For use by: Central milk testing laboratories

Technology: FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) full spectrum analysis

Samples: raw milk from cow, sheep, goat and buffalo.

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MilkoScan™ 7

The future of milk testing and herd improvement

The MilkoScan™ 7 is a high capacity, fully automatic milk analyser (IDF and AOAC compliant) for payment and dairy herd improvement analysis. It delivers fast, reliable and accurate raw milk testing with a range of new options such as healthy milk profiling, free fatty acid, urea or casein analysis. MilkoScan™ 7 is available as a part of CombiFoss™ 7.

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CasesPredictable future

The introduction of Mosaic networking software at raw milk testing laboroatory MilkTestNZ reveals the many advantages of getting connected.

Read more (pdf 669kb)

Ketosis, fatty acid profiling and networking: video interviews from the FOSS central milk testing conference

From the recent FOSS CMT conference see this video for interviews on the subjects of testing raw milk for an early warning of Ketosis in dairy herds, profiling saturated fat content and the advantages of controlling multiple instruments via a network.

cutting the costs of ketosis

CasesCutting the cost of ketosis

Pioneering work by the Valacta milk-testing laboratory in Quebec, Canada is giving dairy farmers an early warning of ketosis in the dairy herd. Over 60% of the laboratory’s customers have joined the service since it started in July 2011.

Read more (pdf 79kb)

FOSS Case Story Qlip automated laboratory

CasesWelcome to the automated laboratory

Automated operations help the Qlip central milk testing (CMT) laboratory in Zutphen, the Netherlands, keep up with evolving demands while providing a more flexible quality control service for farmers and dairies.

Read more (pdf 577kb)

Status on Ketosis Screening

It is over a year since the launch of a new analytical tool which allows labs to screen milk recording samples for signs of ketosis as part of the conventional

Read more (pdf 229kb)


Central configuration, support and surveillance

Mosaic™ networking software from FOSS lets your specialist team configure, manage and monitor your FOSS equipment via the Internet.

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FTIR technology

Analysis of even the most complex dairy products

MilkoScan™ 7 is based on Fourier Transform InfraRed (FTIR) analysis. It works with the mid-Infrared region of the spectrum from 3 - 10 µm corresponding to 1000 – 5000 cm -1.

The FTIR interferometer scans the full infrared spectrum, collecting data simultaneously and allowing measurement of new parameters even in complex dairy products. Analysis of an additional parameter simply becomes a matter of calibration.

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More business opportunities

The analysis capabilities provided by the MilkoScan™ 7 offer:

  • Advanced and flexible raw milk testing services for cow, buffalo, sheep or goat milk
  • Profile milk samples according to fatty acid content
  • Accurate analysis of casein content
  • Enhanced free fatty acid analysis

Rapid and effective analysis

  • Monthly verification and adjustment based on just one equaliser sample
  • Self cleaning pipette makes it easy to measure even the most difficult samples quickly and efficiently
  • Automatic sample tracing with Foss Integrator™ software
  • Flexible milk testing from buffalo, sheep, goats and cows
  • Radio Frequency Identification for barcode sample ID

Integrated milk testing system

MilkoScan™ 7 uses the same efficient conveyor system as other FOSS instruments such as Fossomatic™ 7, CombiFoss™ 7 and BactoScan™ FC. For laboratory personnel this means they only have to learn how to use one user interface and can enjoy the benefits of easy integration of data.

Integrated software platform

MilkoScan™ 7, Fossomatic™ 7, CombiFoss™ 7 and BactoScan™ FC all share the same powerful Foss Integrator™ software platform offering advanced data handling and storage facilities for traceability while a common user interface promotes more efficient laboratory operations.

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