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Parameters: Fat

For use by: All meat producers

Technology: NIR

Typical testing volume: Up to 60 samples per hour

Find the right solution according to your sample type

By installing MeatScan, a manufacturer of minced meat products with a daily production of five tons per day will,  typically, improve annual earnings by a minimum of  €20.000. The improvement is gained through better use of raw material. On top come benefits from being able to supply more consistent final product quality.

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Control quality and profits using meat analysis

MeatScan is an easy, flexible and cost effective solution for routine fat and moisture analysis. With MeatScan™ you can standardise the meat fat content in batches and avoid over use of expensive raw material. At the same time, you can control supplies by assessing meat fat content of incoming raw material.
MeatScan™ is officially approved by the Australian authorities as an analytical method for measuring fat content of meat products in Australia.

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What can routine analysis do for you?

Discuss the possibilities with your local FOSS representative.

Natural progress

Natural progress

In this interview, the Plant manager of meat producer Strauss Brands explains how near infrared analytical technology has helped get their fat declarations spot on, improve customer relationships and reduce lean meat giveaway. With MeatScan™ “you get accuracy, speed and lower cost than sending samples into a lab”, says plant manager Wayne Bucholtz.

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CasesNIR test ensures consistent fat content of pre-rigor pork

Pre-rigor pork specialists, Calihan Pork Processors are using a FOSS MeatScan™ instrument as a rapid and reliable check on fat content in meat deliveries.

An eye for quality

From slaughter to retail release, every step in the meat production process at Dovecote Park in Yorkshire is under the watchful eye of seasoned experts.

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See how the MeatScan™ works

MeatScan™ can be operated by anyone. See how easy it is in this video.


MOSAIC™ helps your up-time

MOSAIC™ is a software that makes it possible for a FOSS expert to monitor your MeatScan™ remotely via the internet. This secures high up-time and high performance with your MeatScan™.

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Improve quality with reliable results

MeatScan™ makes it easy to use fat analysis to improve consistency of finished products. Measurements are based on a database of over 20,000 reference meat samples.

Fast and user-friendly fat analysis

A meat analysis test takes approximately 45 seconds and can be performed by anyone working in the plant. There are no chemicals involved and the robust MeatScan™ can be placed next to the production line.

Ready-to-use calibration for meat

MeatScan™ is supplied pre-calibrated with an ANN calibration that ensures a low cost of calibration development and maintenance. The versatile calibration covers most meat products.

DDA Near Infrared Transmission

The technology is DDA Near Infrared Transmission in the region of 850-1050 nm. MeatScan™ is ideal for analysis of meat production, as the transmission measurements allow for representative analysis of the often inhomogeneous products, as compared to reflectance measurements that will be sensitive to sample preparation and surface effects. Furthermore, the large sample size, up to 200g, helps to reduce sampling error when taking out a representative sample of a batch.

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