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Three steps to new NIR_pic

Cases “Three steps to new NIR ”

NIR technology is improving by the day, but for companies seeking the performance benefits of new NIR instruments, what does it really take to make the move and can you take your precious NIR database with you? Two NIR users share their experience.

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FOSS Laboratory Conference 2013

Cases “Minimal turnaround time in the dairy lab with NIR ”

In this article, associate NIR network administrator Cassy Streeter from Dairy One explains how NIR analysis has helped reduce turnaround time on lab results. In a time where customers’ are increasingly demanding less expensive analyses and a broader variety of parameters and feed types, NIR is helping to increase business potential.

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Cases “The networking advantage ”

Networking software allows multiple instruments to be connected, enabling producers to monitor and configure instruments centrally.

In this video interview Peter Bom, General Manager at Masterlab, Nutreco explains how networking software adds significant value to their feed production management.

Cases “How the next step in NIR analysis was made ”

Engineers behind the FOSS NIRS™ DS2500 and DA1650 feed analysers explain the thinking behind the two new solutions and how they were developed.

InfraXact quality control

Cases “Quality feed for quality food ”

The quality of the products from leading Latin American dairy producers, Dos Pinos, starts in their own feed plant, where all raw materials and finished feed for their cattle are tested in a sophisticated feed laboratory.

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Cases “Petfood future founded on high performance NIR ”

After many years of using NIR for quality control, Jonker Petfood in the Netherlands have upgraded to a new state of the art NIR instrument. Calibrations developed over 15 years could be transferred, trouble-free with no loss of data.

stable and robust calibrations

Cases “Making stable and robust calibrations ”

The right calibration strategy and a focus on making robust calibrations are cornerstones in an effective and reliable NIR operation.

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RINA internet management

Cases “Feed analysis based on RINA internet management ”

The art of controlling multiple near infrared analysis instruments is something that leading European laboratory Materlab in The Netherlands is familiar with.
Read more about the philosophy behind it and how Masterlab have increased the number of NIR instruments, while maximizing the usage and minimising the costs.

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Cases “NIR does pay ”

"Costs and profit need to be monitored, NIR gives you power and security" says Paul Gerardy, General Manager of Provimi Research and Technology centre in Belgium.

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Cases “Security measures ”

A major aquafeed producer in China is making good use of RINA software to link instruments in a secure network where each one can be carefully monitored and measurement data are always kept safe. Administration of instruments and calibrations is also greatly reduced.

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Trouw using RINA

Cases “Trouw Nutrition has made a business out of providing services through networking ”

Users just need an internet connection, a PC and software installation. Joining a network club is that easy.

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Efficient nutrition

Cases “Efficient nutrient management using NIR ”

NIR simplifies and speeds up the process of manure analysis and in doing so helps to develop effective nutrient management and reduce environmental impact.

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Andel quality control

Cases “Focus on increasing the quality of feed and let FOSS handle the support ”

Leading Danish feed producer jumps straight into the quality control driving seat with ready-to-use near infrared analysis backed by internet support.

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