Dedicated Analytical Solutions

Dedicated Analytical Solutions

FOSS develops rapid, reliable and dedicated analytical solutions for routine testing to allow for fast decisions on how to maximise value of production of agricultural food products.

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FOSS is a global partner with more than 120 offices worldwide.

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Cases and news

Screening milk powder

Screening milk powder for melamine with NIR

Research scientist Mark Westerhaus describes how he developed a new chemometric tool that can help to screen milk powder and other similar sample types for adulterants such as melamine.

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How much can we expect from X-ray fat analysis?

Have you heard about X-ray fat analysis of meat, but still wonder about the real value. This video equips meat producers to make the right choices when acquiring an X-ray solution, including an in-depth look at why accuracy is so important and how just a slight improvement in measurement accuracy can yield thousands of dollars or euros per day.


Grape field

Can technology do more to improve wine?
Hear the speakers at the FOSS wine event earlier this year.

White Paper

White Paper: Qualification: Adulteration screening with NIR – a case on skim milk powder.

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4 year warranty

Four year warranty with FOSS premium care

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